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Wondering if Depression Therapy can help you?

It is normal to experience feelings of depression now and then as a result of traumatic situations. Maybe it was the death of a loved one. Maybe a significant relationship broke down. Maybe it was divorce.  Maybe you lost your job. Maybe you were hijacked, burgled or attacked. If this happens to you remember it is normal to feel depression, sadness, loneliness, anxiety and / or other emotions.  The way forward may not be clear for while. However, it is not healthy if you experience these feelings all the time and after a very long time. Especially if you are unable to identify a reason for feeling that way. In this case you might want to consider signing up for Depression Therapy.

A constant feeling of sadness might indicate an anxiety disorder or depression, or both. Negative emotions that started with traumatic events in your life might be causing your depression. The traumatic experiences might also have contributed to you developing negative or limiting beliefs about yourself. Depression Therapy will help you to resolve the root causes of your depression.

You will benefit from Depression Therapy if you experience any of the following symptoms most of the time:

  • Low emotional stress filled with feelings of sadness, hopelessness, unworthiness, emptiness, inability to smile or laugh, lack of motivation, disinterest in life in general, insomnia, wanting to sleep all the time, having a general feeling of darkness.
  • Physical numbness, unable to get out of bed, unable to perform your normal daily activities like caring for your family, going to work, difficulty in carrying out work duties, even holding a pen is an effort.
  • Mood swings, fluctuating between feeling ultra-motivated and in very high spirits to feeling very low and unmotivated. 
  • Feelings, thoughts or attempts of suicide.

How depression effects your life

Some or all of the following questions and descriptions might feel familiar to you.

Is depression affecting your thoughts, feelings, behaviour and overall functioning? If your answer is “yes” then you will benefit from depression therapy.

  • You are unable to lift yourself out of the state of sadness and despair.
  • It prevents you from attracting positive outcomes
  • you lack the will to take care of yourself
  • It is debilitating


Is depression affecting your thoughts, feelings, behavior and overall functioning?   If your answer is “yes” then you will benefit from Depression Therapy.                                                               

  • You are unable to lift yourself out of the state of sadness and despair
  • It prevents you from attracting positive outcomes
  • You lack the will to take care of yourself
  • It is debilitating

Is depression causing a strain on your family relationships? If your answer is “yes” then you will benefit from Depression Therapy.

  • Your partner and family may not be aware of what you are experiencing
  • Your partner and family may not be aware of or understand how your depression is affecting you
  • You might be neglecting your family
  • You might be lacking the emotional, mental and physical strength to care for your children
  • You might not be able to nurture your relationship with your partner
  • You might feel unable to connect positively with parents, siblings and relatives
  • It might be challenging for your loved ones to accommodate your mood swings, lack of motivation or interest, withdrawals
  • There could be misunderstandings which could even cause a break-down in relationships.

Is depression affecting your work life? If your answer is “yes” then you will benefit from Depression Therapy.

  • You might not have the will to get up and show up at work
  • If you do manage to get to work, you are probably irritable, reactive, unmotivated and unproductive
  • Even in supportive work environments, you risk losing your job
  • The financial stress arising from loss of income exacerbates the anxiety and perpetuates the cycle of depression
  • Depression could result in you losing your partner, your family and friends

Is depression affecting your social life? If your answer is “yes” then you will benefit from Depression Therapy.

  • On a social level, depression might cause you to withdraw socially
  • Maybe you are unable to cope with the company of other people
  • You lack the energy to socialize
  • You do not want to have to explain your sadness, or lack of physical energy

How I can help you

There is Hope – you can overcome depression and be Happy

If you are suffering from depression, I can help you, through Depression Therapy, to eliminate the negative emotion causing you to feel depressed. It will be resolved at its root, thereby removing it permanently.

Depression is unlikely to go away until it is resolved at its root. It tends to keep rearing its negative emotions. This is what makes transformational Depression Therapy so effective.

Applying the depression therapy process of the transformation coaching system, I will help you to deal with any inner conflicts that are preventing you from moving forward. I will help you to break, free fro, your depression. You will release the negative emotion of past events whilst keeping the memory intact. You will be able to delete negative or limiting beliefs that have been keeping you in the depressed state. You will replace them with updated positive, empowering beliefs that serve you better. You will not have to go through the emotional pain of bringing up the details of the depressives episodes. You will not have to relive the emotional trauma that you have suffered, I do not need to know the details.

You will be free to allow yourself to have joy inner peace, self-fulfilment, vibrant energy, inner happiness, and all the positive emotions that you choose to have. Give yourself the benefit of transformation depression therapy. Just remember, even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.