Are you considering getting some anger management therapy? It is normal for you to feel angry every now and then about things you do not like, for example when you are treated unfairly, with disdain or disrespect. However, anger can be a negative emotion which, if left unprocessed within you, can be harmful to your body. It can even contribute to a heart attack. 

It is important to differentiate between normal angry responses or reactions to specific situations, and chronic anger that becomes part of your make-up and pattern of response. You will benefit from anger management therapy if you experience anger most of the time.

Unprocessed anger is often a deep-seated emotion resulting from past negative events in your life such as rejection, abandonment, or abuse. This unprocessed anger is subconsciously influencing your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Anger Management Therapy can resolve the root causes of your anger:

  • Do you generally feel angry with the World?
  • Do you tend to blame others for the things that have gone wrong in your life?
  • Do you feel like a victim?
  • Do you feel angry at yourself?


Anger Management Therapy can help you take back the power of your life

Anger can also be learnt behaviour. If you grew up in an environment where anger was the response or reaction to conflict situations, you are probably conditioned to believe that anger is the way to deal with conflict or disagreement. Hence your strategy to address conflict or disagreement is an angry reaction. Anger Management Therapy will give you empowering strategies to constructively handle conflict and disagreement.

Anger Manifest itself as Hostility, Aggression and Verbal Abuse

Anger cannot be controlled. When you are in a state of anger, you can cause physical harm to yourself and others. Your aggression may result in breaking things, being verbally abusive, to actually physically assaulting others. When you are in a state of anger, your attitude is generally negative, complaining, critical, blaming, demanding, reactive and irritable. Anger Management Therapy will help you change to constructive reactions and behaviours that serve you better.

Angry behaviour attracts negative outcomes and reactions from others such as hostility and lack of co-operation. You might counter-respond with more anger, thus perpetuating a conflict situation or uncooperative interaction. Anger Management Therapy will teach you how to attract positive outcomes.

How anger affects your life

Anger is a negative emotion and therefore keeps you at a low emotional state. Hence it is an inhibitor of Happiness.

Anger prevents you from enjoying healthy relationships and a fulfilling life. There is a lack of harmony within yourself and with others. When you store or display anger, you tend to hurt the people you love the most. Intimate relationships suffer as partners get tired of being the recipients of angry episodes. The result is often broken relationships, divorce, estrangement from children, and financial loss due to divorce settlements and the cost of getting your life back on track. 

Your children are probably affected the most by living with parents who cannot control their anger. Angry parents cause their children to: live in fear of them; despise them for afflicting aggression; lose respect; or even model their angry behaviour in their own lives as they think that this learnt behaviour is the norm. Anger Management Therapy will help you heal your relationships.

Anger alienates you from others because people do not like being around people with an angry or negative disposition. Anger makes you lonely, it can turn around and give you an ulcer. Angry outbursts with friends or at social gatherings will upset people you are socialising with. After a while people might avoid including you because you are the one who spoils the party.

Anger Management Therapy will teach you how to interact with others.  You will enjoy a more fulfilling social life.

When your anger spills into your work or business environment, it becomes a threat to your financial security.

You might find that the work environment, is not as kind and accommodating of being the recipient of your angry behaviour, as are people in your personal life. People in your personal life love and care about you. People at work do not necessarily feel affection towards you. You might be considered just another co-worker or employee who has a job to perform.

So your angry attitude and behaviour may not be tolerated in your workplace. You will probably not feel very happy about going to work. Furthermore, your angry tendencies in the workplace can result in withholding of promotional opportunities, suspension and even termination of your employment. This will jeopardise your employment record and future employability in an already saturated job market. Loss of employment also has financial implications.

Timeous Anger Management Therapy can save you your job.

If you are a business owner, having an angry and reactive disposition can cost you customers and their business. You might also earn a negative reputation that discourages new business opportunities.

Anger Management Therapy can save you your business.

Anger also contributes to health problems such as heart attacks, heightened cholesterol and hypertension. Anger Management Therapy will help you enjoy calm, peace and good health.

The consequences that your anger attracts, such as loneliness, broken relationships and financial loss, could contribute to stress and anxiety, even depression. Anger Management Therapy will greatly improve your overall quality of life.

How I can help you

Let Go of Anger, Free Yourself!

You do not have to live with anger. Anger cannot be controlled, it is a negative emotion that has to be removed at its root.

You might feel that you do not want to react with anger but you cannot control yourself. If you are battling with anger, I can help you to release your negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are associated with the cause of the anger.

During the Anger Management Therapy, we will eliminate the negative emotion of anger at the root so that it is gone forever, whilst keeping your memory intact. I will help you replace destructive and counter-productive attitudes and behaviours with empowering attitudes and behaviours. You will be able to change your external world by changing your internal world.  You will learn to install more constructive strategies thereby attracting the positive responses and outcomes that will better serve you.

I will help you forgive yourself and allow yourself to enjoy a harmonious, self-fulfilling life.

I will also teach you how to instantly let go of your anger before it erupts, and to focus on positive outcomes. I will also guide you towards creating inner peace and calmness of mind, so that you enjoy your best life. It is time to enjoy the happiness you were created for.