Dear reader,

The fact that you are reading my cover letter, may indicate that you are desperately looking for a Transformation Life Coach. Remember, life consist out of choices and in this instance you also need to make a choice regarding a life coach. For now I will give you only one reason, Transformation Life and Healing is my calling, it’s my passion, it is actually my whole life build on the foundation of love.

My nature is highly competitive and through this competitiveness I discovered how powerful my mind could be in achieving goals that looked impossible, but yet in every aspect of my life I could not be totally successful. I had so many mental baggage, emotional baggage and limiting-negative belief systems that were unconsciously sabotaging my life. It was through this Revolutionary Transformation Coaching System that my breakthrough’s came and with that a life of abundance and success.

It is my mission and purpose to help every single person attending my transformation life coaching sessions to become masters of their own life. To get rid of mental baggage, emotional baggage and limiting/negative belief systems that are unconsciously sabotaging your life at the moment. Whether someone is unhappy, have a low self-esteem, feel frustrated, have anger issues, suffer from depression or just feel totally alone in this world. They can with no doubt be transformed through “Advanced Transformation Coaching Techniques” and “Revolutionary 

Transformation Coaching system”. My goal is to teach you awesome insights into this new break through science in a way that’s easy to understand, practical and really interesting.

  • Transformation Life Coach
  • Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Medical Ministry Coach
  • Counselling – Torah Based Healing
  • Torah Teacher – Ancient Hebrew
  • Biblical Theology – Therapon University

Final Word: I am the captain of my own life, living a life of abundance and be who God created me to be.

Success breeds success: Meaning I must master myself first, becoming the best of who I am. Living a balanced and vibrantly healthy life. Only then can I guide my clients to become the masters of their life’s in all areas, whether it is relationships, career, money, wealth, creativity and then most important your spiritual life.

I am super excited to meet you.

Your Transformation and Healing Coach

Jan Engelbrecht